About Us

Academy for the Advancement of Medical Education

The mission of the Academy for the Advancement of Medical Education (AAME) is to unify medical professionals across the country through Physician.Academy. The lack of access to cost effective resources, coupled with the increasing difficulty curve of the certification/recertification process, has made the need for a reliable and affordable medical source a necessity. Through Physician.Academy, practitioners from varying fields across the country can watch insightful videos made by fellow medical professional regarding the most recent medical procedures and treatments. AAME aims to provide a free resource hub where they can study all the medical information within their specialization.

To achieve this we strive to serve as a community-building tool, as doctors and other medical practitioners register to be a content contributor, allowing them to share their expertise through their scripts or video entries regarding topics specific to their field. The AAME hopes that eventually, through Physician.Academy, doctors can utilize the website's resources for their Continued Medical Education (CME) and utilize said resources to assist in find residency hours within our network of doctors, hospitals, medical institutions, et cetera.