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New Content Incoming for the Month of October!

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all have been having a great day! Today I am happy to announce that were will be releasing new content again for the month of October and onwards. We have been having some technical issues in the past few months that have restricted our capabilities in releasing new content, but our interns and Dr. Sharkoff have been hard at work in creating new lecture material for the coming months. Our first new video will be uploaded to our YouTube page and website soon, so please stay tuned for our new updates!

In other news, users have reported that our commenting system on our website is not appearing on our lecture pages. We have investigated the problem and unfortunately we were not able to effectively find a workaround with the assets we have for our website. Despite this, we do have commenting enabled for the videos via YouTube, so please check out our YouTube page here if you wish to open a discussion on our current lectures or have any questions regarding particular topics currently available. We will do our best to respond to any comments that you provide!

Finally, if you would like to help improve our work or support our work, please consider donating to our cause here and make our community stronger! Your tax deductible donation will help improve our recording equipment and help our team grow to provide even more resources to help you along your lifetime medical education! We have many project planned for future updates and your support will help these updates come to fruition sooner.  Thank you all again for being patient and if you have any questions or concerns regarding our content, our website, or our organization, please feel free to contact us here! Have a wonderful day!