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Thank you for being patient while our dedicated team works hard to create free medical content for physicians to study without restriction. I wanted to take the time and reach out to our growing community in the hopes that you can support us in further improving our capacity to release content efficiently and with the highest level of quality.

I would like you to consider helping us maximize our potential in building our medical resource hub by donating to Physician.Academy and improve access of resources that can allow us to release professional quality lectures at an expedited rate. Your tax-deductible donation will go towards improving our audio/video equipment, as well as our post editing capabilities. Furthermore, it will allow us to expand our team to allow more lecturers, reviewers, and quality assurance specialists to join our team and expand our video content! Not just that, but your donation will allow us to invest in other resources on our website, such as potentially creating quizzes and guide books to help assist further understanding on our lecture content. Your support will allow us to potentially hold fundraising events and campaigns to spread more awareness of our mission to create free access to up-to-date medical information with our platform.

Please consider donating to us and help us grow to become your dedicated source for medical knowledge. If you are interested in supporting us, please click here and make your donation or pledge to us! Furthermore, consider making us your primary Nonprofit Organization to donate to on Amazon Smile as well! Amazon has given us the opportunity to develop further as a nonprofit through their Smile program, a simple program that allows your purchases to help support us! The best thing about this is that you do  not have to pay extra at all! A percentage of your purchase on Amazon will be donated to us to help our organization develop further! Please click here to make Physician.Academy/ the AAME your primary nonprofit organization!

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