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Regarding the Recent String of Errors Not Allowing New Member Registration

Hello Everyone!

Thank you again for being a part of our mission to create a free, online medical library made by physicians for physicians. We wanted to update you on what we have been doing to build our database for our growing medical community. It has recently come to our attention that new users have not been able to access our website because they were not receiving their registration email, which contains the necessary information to finalize their account. Upon further investigation we found that there is an issue with our mailing service that connects our mailing servers with the website server. Currently, our team is working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible, but unfortunately it appears that the issue will not be resolved soon.

That being said, Dr. James Sharkoff has decided to release all current lectures on the website publicly while we are solving this emailing issue. Any future lectures created during this time will also be made available to the public until we can finally send out registration confirmation emails once more.  To reiterate, all content on our website, including account registration, is free-we simply provide registered accounts full access to our website in order to receive more detailed feedback as well as provide further communications with individuals who are interested in contributing to our database. We will begin the process of making all our video content live now, so full access should be available by the end of the day.

We will update you as soon as these errors have been successfully resolved. Despite these issues, we still urge the community to take the time and consider supporting us by either registering as a content contributor or donating to help provide support for our projects. Your tax deductible donation will help provide us with the necessary resources to create more services to maximize your practice, medical knowledge and education. If you are interested in contributing your knowledge to us, please click here and fill out our contributor form. If you wish to donate to our cause please visit our donation page here. Thank you again for supporting us making our goal one step closer to a reality.