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Updates for the Month of March

Hello Everyone!

First, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support while we continue to provide our free medical resource for all in the medical community to share.  We would like to apologize for our absence in the past few months, we have encountered difficulties within our production of new content that has made regular updates a challenge. Today's update will explain in detail what has been occurring and the explain the source of our delays.

We had originally planned for regular release of content during the month of November onwards, however, there were several technical issues we needed to resolve regarding the editing phase of our lectures. Unfortunately, our limited budget and volunteers resulted in delays towards research and development of upcoming video content. Because of our limited budget, we were also no longer able to fund our video editor who helps finalize our lecture content into the videos you see on our website. Furthermore, because of the cuts we needed to make to accommodate our budget, we were unable to retain some of our research staff, resulting in delays for both research and proofreading/fact checking for new lectures. As it stands, our founder Dr. James Sharkoff has taken it upon himself to act as lecturer, researcher, and editor until we can acquire funding to rebuild our team of researchers, interns, and editors. We will still be releasing content as soon as we can, but unfortunately we will not be able to meet our 4 lectures per month quota. We would like to apologize deeply for not being able to provide the regular updates we had hoped and promised to have for you all, but we assure you that we are doing the best we can with our limited resources to provide you with quality online lectures for your medical information needs.

On that note, we sincerely ask that you please consider supporting our endeavors as we strive to create the online medical resource hub where physicians can share their knowledge with the community. Our plan is to ultimately create an online environment that provides physicians-both prospective and current-resources to help with their continued medical education and career in their specialization. Although we currently only release online lectures that touch on different fields, we hope to expand our services to provide study guides and interactive  quizzes to help maximize the learning experience. At present, we are underfunded and understaffed to realize our longterm goals, but with your help we can create this community and provide the resources to improve your medical education needs. If you are interested in supporting our cause and help build our team, please click here to donate. Your tax deductible donation will go towards building our team and allow us the necessary manpower for research, reviewing, and video editing purposes. Furthermore, your kind donations will also help improve our website, ultimately allowing us to provide more services beyond our video lecture services. If you wish to join our team of researchers and reviewers, please click here and sign up to volunteer for Physician.Academy. We are currently in need of volunteers who are willing and able to do the necessary research and/or reviews to help create the video lectures we release on our website and YouTube page.

Thank you again for your patience  while we continue to work hard in creating the new video content for our community. We hope that your donations and support can help improve the quality and rate we release videos and, hopefully, help us roll out new resources to help you in your  continued medical education. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our work, the content, or Physician.Academy please contact us here. We hope that you all have a fantastic week!