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Content Creation Progress Update

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for having patience and supporting Physician.Academy while we continue to provide the most extensive, free knowledge base made by physicians for physicians. We wanted to update you with the state of our content creation progress, including new video content and changes to the site!

First off, we are pleased to announce that our chief legal advisor, Dr. Hans Geho, has agreed to assist us in reviewing incoming lecture material for our video content. This will greatly decrease the amount of time needed to review the research being done to create new video lectures, allowing us to release videos at a more frequent rate. Furthermore, Dr. Sharkoff is currently in discussion with three additional physicians in having them donate their time to join our team of reviewers to help create more lecture content for our website! With our revision team growing, you can expect more videos to release in the near future.

At this moment, the team is currently formulating working schedules to begin regular revision sessions, but expect new content to arrive within the next month. Again, we apologize for the delay, but the team at Physician.Academy is doing everything they can to provide quality content for the medical community.

That said, we are always happy to accept any assistance in order to maximize the efficiency of our content and mission. If you are interested in contributing to our organization by sharing your specialization or experiences, please click here and fill out our volunteer form. We are happy to work with fellow physicians and prospective physicians in creating new content that can help others within the medical community. Alternatively, if you wish to donate to our cause, please click here and help support Physician.Academy to improve and grow its services and excel its mission to provide a free of charge medical information hub for present and future physicians across the US.

We will be working hard in the coming months to improve the availability and rate in which our content is released. Thank you again for supporting Physician.Academy. If you have any questions or comments regarding our website, our mission, or our content, please email us at info@physicianacademy.org and we will respond to you as soon as we can! Have a great day!